Bloomlife increases new users from organic
search by over 1,000% in less than 9 months

the previous high of new
users in a single week
page 1 rankings for highly
searched unique keywords
lift in total organic
conversions goals


Bloomlife provides a modern day solution for pregnant women to track their contractions and add valuable analytics to help ensure a successful, healthy birth. The marketing team at Bloomlife has a heavy focus on content production and customer education, helping expecting families with their Preg-U content. While great content is an absolute necessity for any SEO strategy, they were lacking topical authority in the eyes of the search engines, and therefore, could not crack page 1 of Google for any of their highest-traffic keywords.

With only the addition of a core campaign focused on one of their well-optimized content pieces, Bloomlife was able to achieve the following:

  • Number 1 overall rankings for their target keywords in less than 6 months
  • 1,039% lift in new users from Google organic search across their domain
  • Top 5 rankings for dozens of industry keywords that are adjacent but not the primary focus
  • Page 1 rankings for most of their categorical keywords

Chart shows growth in new users from organic search


"Bloomlife had everything they needed for a solid SEO foundation, but they did not want to hire and delegate a full team to media outreach".

Bloomlife had been in business for 4 years and was growing at a steady rate with traditional marketing tactics and digital ad campaigns. However, they were missing out on the most cost-efficient marketing channel available to a business: Google organic (SEO). In an industry that sees hundreds of thousands of searches per month across various search terms, Bloomlife had never surpassed 2,000 new users from organic search in a given week.

SEO success is a holy trinity of digital marketing: Content determines which keywords you will rank for. Backlinks from reputable sources determine if you will rank for those keywords. User engagement determines if you will continue to rank. Bloomlife had been an industry leader in content production and passed this first requirement with flying colors before arrived, but they lacked the relevant backlinks to prove to Google that they had contextual authority and belonged on page 1… and it is very difficult to get to step 3 without doing step 2.


Using’s proprietary campaign planning features, and with the help of their consultant, Bloomlife was able to uncover their quickest suggested path to ROI. Amongst the clutter of highly-searched keywords scattered between pages 5-10 of Google, a pattern emerged surrounding one of the most notable industry topics. Bloomlife was ranked on pages 2 and 3 for a slew of keywords related to this same category and an analysis of their top competitors revealed that low volume of relevant links from reputable websites was the only weak ranking signal that seemed to be keeping them from page 1.

Bloomlife launched a campaign focused on these aforementioned keywords. At the push of a button, a network of trained PR professionals was delegated to conduct media outreach and earn these links that Bloomlife needed to reach their goals.

Results & Future Plans

Bloomlife’s pilot campaign was an overwhelming success. While time to initial campaign success was initially estimated to be 6 months, they achieved page 1 rankings and reached their traffic goals in only 4 months. By the time the 6-month mark was reached, Bloomlife had number 1 Google rankings for their target keywords and top 5 rankings for many of the best related keywords that they cared about. Organic traffic and total organic conversions were both through the roof

Bloomlife continued on this path of successful SEO growth on their way to pervasive rankings and traffic for their best search terms. By the 9-month mark of their campaign, Bloomlife had achieved 1,000% lift in new users from organic search vs. previous period and their total net conversions had hit their ROI goals with a continuing upward trend.

Looking toward the future, Bloomlife is expanding their focus from top rankings for specific content categories to market leadership. They are branching out and activating new campaigns to focus on different categories and earn as many top Google rankings for their desired content areas as possible.

Success Metrics

  • The largest number of new users from Google organic in a single week while using was over 12x the largest number before
  • 115 page 1 rankings for unique keywords with at least 1,000 searches per month (on average).
  • In 9 months, there were only 5 total weeks that Bloomlife did not have more new users from organic search than the previous week.
  • More than doubled total organic conversions across the same time period.

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